Stop Corporate Fascism by MS Power Co. (MPC) Now–Stop Kemper!!

kemper-coal-take-action-pictureIntroductory comments by Thomas Baldwin

January 31, 2013

I have been writing about this cause for nearly 18 months.  The Sierra Club of MS has been fighting this issue for nearly five years.  It has become imminently clear to those who are aware that this is one of the most blatant attempts at corporate fascism (corporatism) ever in the State of MS, if not in the entire U.S.   For reference purposes, “corporatism” was a term often attributed to what Mussolini did in Italy in the 1930’s and was used as the basis and encouragement of Hitler’s Germany.  If we don’t make our opposition to these atrocities by MS Power NOW, then we are idiots!!

The content of the message which follows and recommends specific action NOW, was distributed this morning (January 31) by Steve Shepard, local leader of the Sierra Club:–TOB



It is unbelievable that Miss. Power has gotten bills ready to pass in both house and senate today that force a $1 billion bond issue on 26 Miss. counties—the Miss Power service area—to pay for $1 billion of Kemper construction costs.  This is because the PSC said the rates would only be raised to cover $2.4 billion and the plant is looking to cost an additional $1 billion so far.   Probably, if this passes, the next bond issue will be for an additional $billion to cover the ever rising costs and Miss. Power hopes the $2.4 billion rate increase will go through with the help of the Supreme Court. 

So understand that this bond issue cost will be put equally on every electrical meter in South Miss. before a single KW is used.   Then, when KW are added up a rate increase of upwards of 60% will be added unless the Supreme Court rules the baseload act unconstitutional or if the Supreme Court rules with the Sierra Club in a separate case requiring that the PSC start over again on permitting the plant. 

Call Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves.  1-601-359-3200.  Tell the operator there that you object to SB 2755 coming up for a vote—WE VOTERS CAN’T AFFORD A HIGHER ELECTRIC BILL NOR CAN OUR ECONOMY HANDLE ELECTRIC BILLS SO MUCH HIGHER THAN ALABAMA AND LOUISIANA. 

Call Speaker of the House Philip Gunn.  1-601-359-3300.  Tell the operator that you object to HB 1134.  Again, we voters and rate payers in south Miss. can’t afford a higher electric bill than we already pay. 

It should be noted that our electric bills are higher than the surrounding states already.   It is unbelievable that Miss. Power thinks it is OK to make our bills twice and three times as high as surrounding states. 

These are some of the most important phone calls you will ever make.  Tell your friends.  Heat up the switch boards until they smoke.   

Steve Shepard


Lawmakers push bills for Kemper power settlement

By JEFF AMY, Associated Press
Updated 3:21 pm, Wednesday, January 30, 2013

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Lawmakers are advancing a proposal to let Mississippi Power Co. sell bonds to cover expenses above $2.4 billion at the Kemper County power plant the company is building.

They also want to allow the Mississippi Public Service Commission to approve a multi-year rate plan for the company and its 186,000 customers, to prevent a rate spike when the plant begins operation.

The House Public Utilities Committee and Senate Energy Committee each approved a pair of bills Wednesday aimed at supporting the settlement announced last week between Mississippi Power and thePSC. The bills now go to the full House and Senate for debate. (Continued at link above.)


3 thoughts on “Stop Corporate Fascism by MS Power Co. (MPC) Now–Stop Kemper!!

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  2. Here is the thing: Eventually much higher electric rates are coming, because sooner or later we will realize how the atmosphere is being poisoned by the uncontrolled release of CO2 and other gasses, both naturally and by individuals and corporations. At that time we will (too late!) impose a carbon tax, and rates of electricity, natural gas, gasoline, all fossil fuels will double, triple, or more. But the money from that must be used to convert mankind to renewable, sustainable energy, and some of it must be send back to low income consumers so they can afford the much higher rates and still manage to get by. We will ALL (well, except the super rich ) learn to conserve. That is the fair and sustainable way to handle the future of power from fossil fuels. Whole books have been written on that theme. Start with Post Carbon Reader, available on Amazon. To let a corporation like Mississippi Power in this case, greatly increase rates only to provide increased profits to shareholders is wrong, and doubly so when it is doing it with dirty lignite power, and destroying a large area or farm and woodland which many people call home, and when other sources of power are available. And the final straw is that they are asking the state government to provide a taxpayer guaranteed bond, for an untested technology, in order to complete the plant. Everything is wrong about this plan and plant and nothing right.

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